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Bar Exam In My State


All information provided is subject to change by the Arkansas Board of Law Examiners.

The Arkansas Bar Exam is designed to test an applicant’s ability to understand and apply various legal principals presented in different formats. The exam consists of one day of multiple choice (Multistate Bar Examination) and one day of essay testing.

The Multistate Bar Examination, or MBE, is divided into two sessions, morning and afternoon. Each session of the MBE consists of 100 multiple choice questions over three hours for a grand total of 200 questions over six hours. For more information on the MBE, including a list of subjects tested, please click here.

Preparing for the Arkansas Bar Exam

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Arkansas Bar Exam info

  • The written portion of the Arkansas Bar Exam is scaled and added to your MBE score. A total scaled score of 405 is required to pass.
  • Arkansas does not accept a score from an MBE taken in another jurisdiction.
  • You can can generally expect your Bar results four weeks after the exam.

For more information on the Arkansas Bar Exam please visit the Arkansas Bar Examination site.

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